Valev Laube
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Holistic Branding
and Management

Specializing in brand development for people, artists and companies, I work on creating holistic branding plans that communicate a client's unique professional identity and maintain continuity of style & content throughout the multifaceted construction of a professional image and web presence.

Challenging creative thinking

With an outcome in mind, I partner or collaborate with my clients, friends, and co-workers to come up with solutions that are tailored to the project's specific needs. A unique set of complementary skills and a diverse background in design and branding allow me to understand and relate to any project that aims for aesthetic and creative excellence.


Creative brand consulting

Let's begin building a mutually beneficial professional relationship by getting on a video call or meeting in person to discuss your current brand status. Let's begin by looking at your current brand aesthetics and begin working towards strategies to further improve your brand aesthetic, and opportunities for business growth.