New York-based entrepreneur, producer, and creative visionary whose creative designs and marketing campaigns have been the cornerstone of many productions, company brands, advertising campaigns, and personal brands worldwide.
Creative Leadership
As the co-founder & creative director of The VL Studios I believe and continue to advocate for holistic approach in brand building and brand acceleration. Uniting experts in design and marketing is necessary to build brand experiences online which create relationships between you and your followers. Throughout years as a graphic designer, web designer, and more recently marketing executive, I've seen the benefits of holistic branding in skyrocketing organic reach and brand interactions online.

We chose Valev for his insight and prior design elements to make our law firm website less like a traditional law firm site. His responsiveness, adherence to timelines set often by him and his clear knowledge of how to implement the vision given by the client were precisely what we were searching for and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I feel it important to say that “I have not done a law firm website before” was part of why we hired Valev. You wouldn’t know if you visited our site. Much success my friend. It’s well deserved. Thank you to Jolie Schwartz for the recommendation!

Alexander Almazan
Founder of Almazan Law

Valev is one of the very unique experts in New York. I've had a chance to know him for almost four years now, and after following his professional career, I decided to work with him on my short film production mainly because of his holistic understanding of design, marketing, and production. He has been an essential part in the production of short film "Wildflower" as well as an unreplaceable asset in refining my personal brand. We're currently collaborating on an upcoming Broadway musical "Kalevala the Musical" which has been a breeze thanks to his understanding of web-oriented design, marketing, and PR. Thank you for your dedication and detail-oriented work!

Kristi Roosmaa
Producer of "Wildflower" film
creative team of Kalevala the musical

Valev was a tremendous help to the Orchard Breeze Companies. Working with us for a company vision, Valev created and enhanced the design of our logo, website and theme that reflected our company's intent and goals. With Valev's help, we have captured the attention of new customers and have been able to grow our customer base and our business overall. I have really appreciated our professional relationship.

David Tanner
Founder of Orchard Breeze Companies

Valev Laube is a genius at what he does. He is not only fantastic to work with, the ideas he brings to the table are always intuitive, specific and forward thinking. He is an irreplaceable asset to the Kalevala the musical brand, truly standing behind it all. From content creation, management and creative and brand design, he does it all. He can make an artist tell the story they want, across multi-media platforms in a way that helps them stand out. His creative talent is multi-faceted, and the way he navigates the world of tech and social media, while also applying his creative eye is an awe inspiring experience to have the pleasure of working with.

Johanna Telander
Composer of Kalevala the musical

Valev is a talented, detail-oriented, highly responsive brand designer & developer, and he has been a fantastic employee-partner to Marquee Brand Builders! One of the things we most appreciate about Valev is the time he takes to understand ours/clients' visions, goals and objectives, and then translate that context into meaningful, engaging design. Digital savvy as well, Valev is a well-rounded asset and we're delighted to have him on our team!

Lori Yuhas
Founder of Marquee Brand Builders

Valev is a skilled designer with a thorough understanding of aesthetics. He provides graphic content with both form and function. He is a pleasure to work with.

David Englert
Marketing manager at UR Ventures
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Design & Marketing
Creative design and brand acceleration services provided as part of The VL Studios
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With over 6 years of experience in design and creative productions, I'm always open to new opportunities for collaboration.  As the creative director of The VL Studios, I'm excited to build meaningful long-term connection with individuals aiming to reach their higher potential. Specializing in brand building & brand acceleration, I look forward to hear more about your ideas and begin brainstorming on new and exciting project.

Valev Laube