Our consultants are fully trained and qualified
At Plant Hire Division we take great care in recruiting our health and safety consultants. They must be able to show competency, knowledge and practical skills acquired from working with businesses and be able to apply those skills across a range of business types.
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Industry Accredited
They must also be qualified with at least full membership of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) or the International Institute of Risk andSafety Management (IIRSM). Our expectation is that our consultants work towards attaining chartered status. To maintain status with their professional body, PHd consultants must be able to show that they undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD). PHd ensures that they meet this requirement through regular routine training sessions which ensure that consultants are kept up to date with changes to legal requirements, guidance and best practice in the industries with which they deal.
Will they understand and know what is required of my business?
Almost certainly; because of their business backgrounds and our own internal training and development arrangements our consultants will be able to apply their skills to your circumstances. In the rare event that they are uncertain you can be assured that they will take advice from within our consultancy circles. Our consultants come from such a wide variety of backgrounds, including for example from Government, manufacturing and installation. This pool of knowledge and practical expertise can always be tapped and used to ensure that you get the best available advice.
What will they do for me?
Initially our consultants will visit your premises and evaluate your compliance with current health and safety legislation. They will ensure that you can demonstrate an effective safety management system that achieves and maintains compliance. Where you don’t come up to scratch they will provide you with a suggested action plan, supported by practical advice and documentation, to bring you back into compliance. At subsequent visits they will help you monitor the actions that have been taken and your continuing compliance, providing action plans and guidance as necessary. As a business owner or employer, you must hold regular risk assessments.It’s the law. Because if you don’t keep people in your organisation safe, you are responsible. That could mean a fine—or even prison.
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Risk assessments made easy

1.  A top-qualified risk assessment specialist visits your organisation.

2.  We guide you through the entire process, offering our expert eye so you can be sure that you identify all risks and hazards.

3.  You get full documentation, which we make sure you complete correctly.

A risk assessment is how you identify hazards that may cause harm before taking reasonable steps to prevent them. It’s difficult, so it’s easy to miss a potential danger. And that’s a big responsibility for any employer to shoulder. So if you worry about making a mistake or complain that risk assessments take you away from your day job, you’re not alone. pHd gives you the answer. Our risk assessment and documentation service offers the simplest way to protect the public, your people, your business and you.
Monthly Pricing

1-3 Persons

£106 per employee

4-7 Persons

£84 per employee

8-11 Persons

£72 per employee

12-15 Persons

£56 per employee

16-20 Persons

£49 per employee

20+ Persons

£40 per employee
*The below service pricing is based on our entry level product over a 2 year term. Dependent on your industry or businesscircumstances and the service term you require, the fee may vary above or belowthe example fee
Available Training
IOSH Managing Safely
Staring in Winter 2019
£495 per person
when conducted at your premises.
IOSH Working Safely
Starting in winter 2019
£295 per person
when conducted at your premises.
Minimum class of 6
£50 per person
at customers premises
½ Day Abrasive Wheels Training
Minimum class of 6
£50 per person
at customers premises
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