Ebook "My Body, Your Stereotype"

Ebook "My Body, Your Stereotype"


The photography book "My Body, Your Stereotype" uses the camera to represent our view on people, the relationship between the physical existence and the interpretation of our presence. It is our right to not be judged before the verdict yet we're constantly judged based on our body, our hair, origin, or skin color. We should be able to choose when and how to be seen and have a right to elaborate without prejudgment, yet there are standards and expectations based on the aforementioned qualities. There are even people who mock other people or put them in minor positions just because of their origin, skin color or even as personal as a sexual orientation. This prejudice against our fellow humans has to stop and we should embrace the diversity present within each one of us.

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Page Count: 102

Photography and production:
Valev Laube

Nadia Gribkova,
Valev Laube

Special thanks:
Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge,
Rettner Hall Media Arts and Innovation Center,
University of Rochester

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My Body, Your Stereotype
By Valev Laube