Multimedia Producer & PR Executive

The photography book "My Body, Your Stereotype" uses the camera to represent our view on people, the relationship between the physical existence and the interpretation of our presence. It is our right to not be judged before the verdict yet we're constantly judged based on our body, our hair, origin, or skin color.


Reet Laube is a world-class Estonian accordionist. She is a double M.A. graduate, the first one obtained from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Tallinn, 2007) and the second one from The Royal Danish Academy of Music (Copenhagen, 2009). Photographs: Tartu Estonia (2016).

With this photo project I wanted to explore the idea of inner-anxiety and how there are so many people in the world with constant struggles and overwhelming inner dialogs that we choose not to pay attention to. I wanted to portray human emotions, smiles, happiness but mainly the happiness that's expected from us to show. Expected by the society yet we are still proud to "wear" this fake and untruthful image of ourselves while interacting with this world.

Photographing Jaanika Peerna's performance art event "Balancing Act #45" featuring dancers Diina Tamm and Aurelius Anthony.


The Athens Olympic Park is a sport facilities complex located at Marousi, northeast Athens, Greece. The complex consists of five major venues as well as other supplementary sport facilities. The mesmerizing atmosphere of this forgotten Olympic site consists of multiple revamped or renovated architectural masterpieces. As the complex is located slightly above the rest of the town, geometric post-modernist arches provide enchanting visual experiences to the viewer.

A photoshoot with Panache Tinaye at Rettner Hall Media Arts and Innovation Center (Rochester, NY).