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ExSpace Closing Reception

An international team of four passionate artists making up the artist collective ExSpace - Naomi Rutagrama, Jorge Vazquez Gonzalez, Sammi Wang, and Valev Laube - would like to welcome everyone to the closing reception of an augmented reality exhibition "Rochester Subway" on April 20th, 4PM, at Sage Art Center.

The augmented reality exhibition "Rochester Subway" exhibited at Sage Art Center, April 15-24, 2018, explores the graffiti and street artworks hidden underground in the abandoned tunnels of Rochester Subway. Abandoned spaces are never truly abandoned. To residents of Rochester, the subway trail is more than just an abandoned tunnel, it’s an ever-changing cultural canvas and a space for community members to share and spread their artwork, messages, and ideas. By reimagining this structure, local citizens have given it an opportunity to come into the present and have new meanings and purposes while maintaining its original features. This exhibit beckons the audience to look beyond the stigma and misconceptions and view the tunnels as more. We hope that by experiencing and exploring select graffiti pieces through augmented reality you can find the beauty and importance of the tunnels as a shared canvas for self-expression.

As part of the event, ExSpace artist will present a collection of graffiti images by local Rochester artists using Augmented Reality technologies.

Sage Art Center
835 Wilson Blvd
Rochester, NY 14627

Hors-d'oeuvres and drinks will be served.