Project 2 Feedback: Connor Simon, Wenyi Chu

Connor Simon | Project 2 | “Compositions For Television”

To me, this project similar to also his final project reaffirms his technical fascination with physical objects and their underlying history. After having read all three blog entries about this project talked to Connor and seen the installation at our exhibition I can appreciate his excitement around technical explorations and letting himself free to explore with various technologies. Many of his projects including this one also tend to fight with the original purpose of these technological devices by not necessarily breaking the rules or altering the devices themselves but finding compatibility between in order to derive on a new meaning. Now, what's a little unsettling for me is that the message isn't always clearly understood or represented and even when listening and reading about these projects the process tends to come before an idea. I find myself surprised saying this especially since I know how detail oriented and thoughtful Connor can be about implementations, each carrying some meaning, but purely by looking at the pieces and artists statements they somehow fail to communicate the intended purpose on a more emotional level. While I enjoy finding new purposes to old devices and/or finding compatibility between items that are not built to be directly complimentary or compatible to each other due to rivaling technologies, different time periods or purpose, I do wish he would experiment with ideas and visual implementation of ideas as much as he experiments with the tools themselves, in order to create a more holistic experience.

Wenyi Chu | Project 2 |

I do admire the technical execution, especially I have to say the animated interactive online demonstration is magnificent. The piece is exciting to explore, and definitely draw the audience into engaging with it in a personal way. I saw it at the exhibition and based on what I red online I feel as the improvements made to the redesign make absolute sense, good choices and definitely much more personal and engaging experience. Again, I would think about various aesthetic choices made as part of this project especially when it comes to the ebook in order to create a more unified aesthetic between the online and the physical version. How can good visuals help you to compromise maybe for the lack of "personal touch" that we experience in person otherwise.

Valev Laube