Art Exhibition "Experimental Archives" - Reflection

Write about the exhibition at the Art & Music Library. Reflect on what you have learn in selecting / reworking one of your piece. What do you think of the final result? How different it is from the less formal installation you have done at the library for Project #2? Reflect on the relationship between all the pieces installed together in the same space. 

The art exhibition "Experimental Archives" took place during my other art exhibition "Rochester Subway" so I had only limited ability to monitor it throughout the week, but based on what I heard from a few visitors at the closing reception the screen facing outwards definitely gained some controversial eye sights.

Based on a visitor the use of large font really made people wonder if this is somehow associated to Tinder, or something sexual, according to my conversations with a few visitors it wasn't necessarily clear but it was visually thought-provoking making people wonder. Once they entered the space it became clearer.

Overall while the exhibition was successful and highly thought-provoking allowing visitors to take their time which each piece, it wasn't clear where to find more information about each piece and a few visitors who I knew needed assistance understanding the pieces or needed to be directed to the booklets with additional information.

Artist Statement
"Eggplants in the Library"

The series explores hidden lives and stories that are told among students about events taking place on the bottom floor of the stacks, which is rarely used for its original purpose. As part of a pop-up exhibition, four projected visuals were used to illustrate online conversations that take place between students in location-based dating apps, suggesting a sexual intention. The projections were overlaid on books about mental health, human behaviour and cognitive science.


I created a Facebook event on my Facebook page as well as featured the poster in my Instagram story.

Personal documentation from the closing reception

Valev Laube