Collectiveness of the Collective Recordings

Write about the Class’ Collective Recording. Describe your process in selecting your own entries and in using tags and categories. What is ‘collective’ about this exercise? Why?  

For me, these recordings don't seem very "collective" maybe due to the layout of the page or the lack of intersection in our lives which is also reflected through the occasional randomness of the photographs, but it's been an interesting experiment looking at the process of creating a class-wide archive. I feel as it could be more useful if there was a way to retrieve more statistics about the metadata overlaps between images such as which tags are the most popular, by which users, which users use one average similar tags, and which ones don't utilize tags at all. It would say a lot about the structure and way the archive is currently set up and if it meets the needs of its data creators. I honestly haven't used many tags mainly due to my personal lack of interest in using them unless they provide a certain benefit, such as wider exposure on social media or better way to keep track of certain events (festivals, seasons of the years, etc.). It's also noticeable how most students preferred not to utilize video capabilities, probably due to the increased complexity, longer uploading process and potential need for post-production, but again it shows how unless a moving image provides a particular benefit to the documentation, it will not be utilized otherwise.

The collective aspect here is the platform that it exists on, which is the website. Otherwise, if the website as a hosting platform would disappear a viewer wouldn't be able to identify these pieces as being any more collectively recorded than anything else. Aesthetically they vary greatly, as well as contextually. Honestly, there can be found more similarities between random Instagram pages and posts than between these images due to the trends and preferred aesthetic choices on the social media platform.

I personally selected pieces that reflected my life, each one telling a certain story, which I also explained as part of my journal posts together with the accompanying visual. I didn't really think of these images as being produced for the Collective Recording, but rather tried to look back at the photographs in my smartphone from the past week and picked out the most memorable one, the one that triggered an internal feeling and that wouldn't necessarily feel appropriate or exciting enough for any other online platform such as Facebook, Instagram, or Instagram Stories.

Valev Laube