Project 1: The Old and The New

As part of my Project 1, I was trying to create an experience of a photo sequence where a viewer could explore a linear sequence of events of documentation photographs. The final project explores the notion of artificially created visuals that revoke and experience of a real-life event presenting "foundness" in both aesthetic as well as philosophical ways.


Initial Photograph

The initial photograph to me was underwhelming due to the lack of context and the introverted personal aesthetic of it. I wish there would have been ways to discover something more about the background story of this particular image. It seemed both introverted as well as reflectively depressing to me, which is what I tried to transcend through my final four photo manipulations.

Scanned version of the initial photograph received in an envelope

Scanned version of the initial photograph received in an envelope



As part of my process, I began by first scanning the given photograph since I work the best in digital mediums. I played around with various lighting options, colors, and sliced the photograph to explore contours of each "layer" of depth (the car mirror, road, electricity cables, landscape, sky).

  • Scanning the initial image
  • Exploring characteristic of an initial image that could become the center focus of my final sequence, finally chose to focus on the superiority of nature and crumbling human infrastructure
  • Exploration various aesthetic choices for photo manipulation
  • Searching and downloading credit-free stock images to include in four photo manipulation
  • Creating a sequence of photographs capturing a natural miracle at a different time of day and location
  • Printing the sequence

Stock Images included in the final manipulations:


Final Project
"Fictional Foundness"

The photography series fictional foundness is a commentary on the digital when images get re-appropriated at a lightning speed and used for various purposes while knowing little of their origin. Inspired by an initial photograph I've extended and amplified the emotion and storyline by using royalty free stock images that are available for free use and manipulation yet are not produced with an intention to make art but primarily to illustrate certain ideologies online.

To me the photographs present two types of "foundness" both communicating to a different audience and allowing them to dive into the aesthetic choices made as part of the sequence.

"Foundess" in the final sequence:

  • Foundness as in capturing a natural event - The striking photographs capture a unique natural event in relation to a casual event such a being on a road trip. It's is the relationship between lightning and a casual road trip that creates a sense of foundness as if they are just casually photographed from a car.
  • Foundness as in fictionally created events - None of these photographs are actually realistic, they are all combination of at least 3 stock images, photographs that are freely available in the internet created as mere representations of a certain event with little commentary or framing by the photographer. They are re-positioned as a part of a larger single photograph and framed as been seen from a car. Another layer of foundness is added through the artificial creation of these four images and how the create a holistic fictional story.

Presentation Format

Ideally the project should be displayed vertically on a darker shade wall allowing the white border of the complete 4-in-1 print to shine, or by hanging the four images individually on a white wall.


Alternatively, while not being optimal the pieces can also be viewed on a horizontal surface exposed for more close-up investigation with a magnifier glass.