Archiving in Daily Life

How important is archiving in your daily life? Describe what an archive is for you. Do not overthink, write what first comes to your mind.

Archiving to me is social media, the use of social media and self archiving information about ones life. I'm not particularly a fan of organized, curated form of archiving where a certain person writes down selected information about only a small faction of humanity, social media on the other hand functions as a living form of documentation which provides a framework for the individual stories to be told and archived based on the individual's popularity, enthusiasm, use of the platform and exposure.

Facebook is one of few social media platforms that allows the profile owner to pick our a person to manage their social media presence in case of unexpected death. Within the past few years more articles have surfaced about potentials of Facebook becoming the social media graveyard, it's estimated that within the next three years the number of profiles about deceased people will surpass the number of active profiles, it's shows a movement towards digital archives that began as living communities and live on as platforms for documentation and remembrance.