Photo 12: Collective Recordings

An experimental photograph was taken by Connor Simon during the AR exhibition "Rochester Subway". It's a documentation of an interesting day full of school-related events, a few hours of being at work, and finally in Sage monitoring and assisting visitors as part of the ExSpace Artist Collective's exhibition "Rochester Subway". Finally by my completely surprise Connor showed up with his new/old camera from 1952 with a vintage label "Made in Western-Germany".

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Collectiveness of the Collective Recordings

For me, these recordings don't seem very "collective" maybe due to the layout of the page or the lack of intersection in our lives which is also reflected through the occasional randomness of the photographs, but it's been an interesting experiment looking at the process of creating a class-wide archive.

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Valev Laube
Project 2: Eggplants in the Library

The exhibition explores hidden lives and stories that are told among students about events taking place on the bottom floor of the stacks, which is rarely used for its original purpose. Four projected visuals illustrate online conversations that take place between students in location-based dating apps, suggesting a sexual intention. The projections are overlaid on books about mental health, human behavior and cognitive science.

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