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ExSpace Artist Collective's AR Exhibition "Rochester Subway"

What happens when we take the trains out of a subway? Will it become an ex-space or will it gain a new identity, new purpose? Rochester Subway is a pioneer project of ExSpace Artist Collective aiming to showcase the evolution of the abandoned urban space through art projections and digital mediums. Since 1956 the Rochester Subway, once known as a center for urban transportation and community interaction, has been left abandoned by the city and its former occupants, yet it lives on as a vibrant space for artistic socio-political expression through graffiti and street art. Exspace art exhibition "Rochester Subway" allows user to explore voices that exist in the space through Augmented Reality art installations. Stay tuned for more information. The pioneer exhibition will take place in April 2018, follow our progress on Facebook.

More information coming in January 2018

*Valev Laube is one of four artists working on this Augmented Reality art exhibition