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ArtAwake 2015

Valev Laube at ArtAwake 2015

ArtAwake is a one-day festival of creativity that brings life to a vacant urban space in Rochester, NY.

ArtAwake seeks to unite the community – from college students to families and young professionals to senior citizens – to facilitate interaction and discussion that will lead to creative solutions for Rochester’s unused spaces, for its creative community, and ultimately for the future of its downtown. We will create an innovative and interactive festival that repurposes a vacant urban space through the exhibition of local artists, musicians, dancers, videographers, designers, businesses, and technologies. After 4 successful annual festivals, ArtAwake has totaled over 6,000 attendees and has featured over 650 pieces by 400+ artists, performances by 70+ groups, delicious local foods, and a myriad of interactive exhibits.

Check the pricing from their website, contact organizers or check out more from the Facebook Page: