Valev Laube

Brand Problem-Solving

In the age of saturated markets and prevalence of information technology, it is of great importance to maintain a brand-consistent content, up-to-date content across mediums. My brand-related work includes providing branding strategies, building a web presence, and design. Read more about the specific client work, graphic design projects and independent art projects.

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Art Challenging
Your Senses

In my digital artwork, I strive to present visually stimulating content that invites the viewer to dive into an intricate design. Most of my independent art projects incorporate forms of video, computer generated visuals, and audio elements.


Desire to produce
eye-catching visuals

My client-oriented visual work includes social media content, promotional items, logos, posters, and merchandise.

video content for
today's platforms

My various video projects range from promotional videos to avant-garde video projects. A variety of works include promotional videos, social media announcements, animated artworks, accompanying visuals for performance, and music videos.


Web projects purposed to
make you shine

Web design and development-oriented projects include client works focusing on search engine optimization, web design, development and social media campaigns.


Uniquely personal
online presence

Social media and online marketing projects for clients who wish to take their web presence further than simply a website. I have experience in building social media campaigns for events, individuals, small and medium-size companies. My past work extends from content production to online advertising.


Enjoy creativity!
3D modeling, graphic design or web design - it's about producing design that brings your content closer to its intended audience.