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Short Film “Daybreak” (2015)

"Daybreak" is a nonlinear short film directed and produced by Valev Laube in December 2015.

Starring & Writing: Valev Laube, Nadia Gribkova
Sound: BenSound, AudioMicro, FreeSound, Valev Laube

Daybreak by Nadia Gribkova

Why did the sun come up today?
To burn all shadows down,
flicking the foggy blankets off
the sleepy, wild fields
and, moving rashly, ruthlessly
as a legion of light, it spares
the crowns of trees
from its long beam
so thoroughly edged in dark,
then breaks into the house
where it ransacks all the dreams
that hide themselves in the gloom
of neglected corners.
It shows up all the cracks in the walls
and in the rough desk surface,
evaporating all the midnight
visions, all our naive plans,
and here you are,
alone in empty rooms,
with no illusions, 
as if you were naked
at the moment of daybreak.