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Metanoia Magazine: Valev Laube, a creative mind whose work has expanded beyond design to brand management, and creative entrepreneurship

Originally growing up in post-Soviet era Estonia, Valev Laube is an Estonianborn brand manager, artist, and designer currently based in New York. He has worked with world renown brands such as Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. His creative genius in digital designs have been the cornerstone of many New York-based festivals, events,
and company brands.

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Estonian Folk Music at the National Gallery of Art

Last week, on May 3rd, as part of the European Month of Culture, an Estonian-born artist Valev Laube presented his most recent project "Tonality of Culture". The multidisciplinary concert gave a modern look at the Estonian history and showcased the diverse cultural influences of Estonian music. In cooperation with four other artists the audience has a chance to be guided through Estonian national legends, rituals, history, music and dance.

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National Gallery of Art presents a unique performance merging Estonian traditional music with contemporary dance

In 2018, the Republic of Estonia celebrates its 100th anniversary, as part of this milestone the whole country has begun its celebrations across the globe to bring out stories and hidden pieces of Estonian culture. In 2017, Estonia will be holding the presidency of the European Union Council focusing on many modern cultural preservation and economic topics within the EU.

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Louis Kahn Found in Performance Art

In 2016, an Estonian art critic Heie Treier published a book "KAHN: The Islander" exploring the motivations, and subconscious inspirations behind Kahn's work. She elaborately focused on medieval Estonian architecture and analyzed how Kahn's birthplace might have influenced his creative work.

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Artist's book "Journey Through The Mist"

An artist book addressing the question of home and origin. What gives us the right to decide who belongs where? What does your country of origin say about it, and what difference does it make? How does one find "home" in the globalized world? What is home?

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Photoshoot "ME"

In this photo project I wanted to explore the idea of inner-anxiety and how there are so many people in the world with constant struggles and overwhelming inner dialogs that we choose not to pay attention to. I wanted to portray human emotions, smiles, happiness but mainly the happiness that's expected from us to show. Expected by the society yet we are still proud to "wear" this fake and untruthful image of ourselves while interacting with this world.

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