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What did modern philosophers teach us about our existence?

Every morning when looking into the mirror we see a duplication of ourselves. Does the “second self” exists because he has the brain, genes, and body, which is identical to you as well as your movements, while you cannot touch it nor have movement differences between “self” and the reflection (“second self”)? We would all give this question a negative answer because of our common sense, which often limits our ways of thinking about the world, which limits me of being of like “me”. If we could forget that the mirror exists between me and my reflected me, then we could possibly claim that the identical twin of mine would exist, because just a physical look does not mean that every single person has to look fully different. Based on the quote, we could even say that if the perfect replication of myself would exist in the world then the answer to who I am would be the following: "I would be a material “object” and the replication could be counted as a separate me, or a separate human".

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