Marquee Brand Builders Providing World-Class Consulting


For the past couple of months, I've had the pleasure of working for an upcoming world-class brand consultancy - Marquee Brand Builders. As a web developer & designer, my responsibilities included creating and developing the company's website, designing their brand-related visuals, search engine optimization (SEO) and setting up the company's digital marketing structures. It's been an honor working for, and learning from, one of the best and most experienced experts in the industry.


Marquee Brand Builders, a global brand consultancy, offers creativity, innovation & problem-solving experiences, along with brand strategy, research, analytics, marketing, design and skill-building expertise from some of the best minds in brand-building.

The company blends world-class expertise in strategy, insight, customer experience and creativity to energize & help growth-oriented leaders + their brands achieve exceptionally, spark inspiration and generate the positivity and good feelings that bring heroic results.