Performance Art Installation "Reflection Spectrum" opening in New York

"Reflection Spectrum" is a multi-dimension performance art installation featuring dance and video works by numerous New York based artists.

"Reflection Spectrum" features an Estonian collaboration by Valev Laube (video and graphics) and Diina Tamm (choreography) (Photo: Valev Laube)

Multiple artists come together to create Reflection Spectrum. This show fuses dance and video imagery together to create a unique experience. We all struggle with the person we are and the person we project. Self-reflection is a humbling process. So we ask....Which is the real you? The one people see or the one on the inside? How are we affected by visible reflections? Are we aware of reflections that can not be seen? Why do we feel, say or do certain things...?

Time: July 26 - 27
Location: Anita's Way (through-block connecting 42nd and 43rd st., between Broadway and 6th Ave)

Choreographers: Amanda Carlson, Diina Tamm, Brinda Guha, Vivake Khamsingsavath.
Video and promotional artist: Valev Laube


Special thanks to Chashama, G. WIlson, Wear The Paint, and New York Estonian House.

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