Project "Reminiscence" visualizes the landscape of human relationships

"Reminiscence" - moment that illuminates brightly, so hard to forget, so hard to leave behind. A single idea relying on our past experiences and all of these experiences that we go through create a network of experiences that make us who we are.

The art project "Reminiscence" represents the moments illuminating through our memories. The idea of a human landscape is really what defines the existence of human beings, but humans don't live based on their present existence but rather many of our decisions and actions are based on our past experiences and memories of them. These illuminating clips from our past give us directions and guidance to the future, sometimes we choose to change something about us, about our story, and some other times we prefer to take something from the past and carry it on to the future.

In this art project "Reminiscence" I used human figures to represent poses in front of an illuminating LED screen. Each pose represents an image from our memory and then all together creates the reminiscence of this exact moment.