The story of my first original tune "10th Game"

I am pretty sure that most of you have already heard my violin melody for more than thousand times. I have played it a lot, maybe even too much, but after having played it for almost 1 year I still didn't have any thoughts about the suitable title.

Now, my lovely violin melody is more than 3 years old and now it finally has a title, but again, not a really common one.
I first wrote this tune for my new folk band Punt. Back then I lived in Tartu, Estonia, and had just started making music together with my three very good friends. We mainly performed Estonian traditional music and our own arranged Nordic folk music. This melody that later become my first tune "10th Game" just popped out from my mind and my fingers just colorfully tried to represent it on the most beautiful instrument in the world - violin. But, understanding the true meaning of that tune took almost a year.

"10th Game" is a combination of two words - "10th" and "game". The reason is, that this tune is a reflection of my feelings that occurred back in 10th grade, when I studied in Tartu. "Game" takes here a totally different meaning. In my head it associates with a particular memory, but I believe that every listener can create their own image for this world, by using their imagination. It can resemble games that children play, games that adults play, games that politicians play, games that life plays etc. - it is all up to you to imagine and become part of this tune.

This tune has seen so many changes throughout years, which is why I added two videos to this post. I hope you all enjoy it!

Valev Laube & Carlos Roos - Kümnes Mäng/10th Game (comp/arr. Valev Laube). Recorded: JPG Spring Concert 2012, University of Tartu (Tartu, Estonia).

Anniversary show, March 2013 at Teatro Verdi (Trieste, Italy). Performed by Valev Laube (Violin), Andy Troska (Violin), Jacob Lindberg (Guitar).